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st: using estout with nlcom?

From   James Baldwin <>
Subject   st: using estout with nlcom?
Date   Sun, 04 May 2008 22:17:16 -0400

I am attempting to dump the results of 8 sets of three regressions which use nlcom to calculate long run effects for each regression. I would like to generate latex formated tables using estout to automate dumping the results (b, se, p )into one table of short and long run effects for each set of regressions. It seems that estout is not friendly with nlcom and my searches for work arounds are turning up empty. Is there a way to dump results from nlcom into something useful such as a latex formated or at least tab delimited file?

my code is something like

esto r1sr: xtabond x y z ...

esto r1lr: nlcom (nly: _b[y]/(1-(_b[l1.x]))) (nlz: _b[z]/(1-(_b[l1.x])) ...

esto r2sr: xtabond ...
esto r2lr: nlcom ....


estout r1sr r1lr r2sr r2lr ... using "file", style(tex) cells(b(star fmt(3)) se(par)) replace

which gives me only the results of the abond regressions

Thank for any and all assistance,

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