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RE: st: Re: Loop syntax

From   "Rajesh Tharyan" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: Re: Loop syntax
Date   Wed, 26 Mar 2008 16:29:56 -0000


I suppose you want to count for each patient how many t's are greater than
zero ?? The proposed solution

. count if t >0 & t<.
(saved in r(N))

 works only if there is one observation per patient.

The following will give you how many t>0 for each patient

tabstat  patient if t>0, statistics( count ) by(patient) columns(variables)

hope this helps

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Sent: 26 March 2008 16:05
Subject: Re: st: Re: Loop syntax

I have some results on 236 patients and each patient has 57 recordings 
stored in a single variable t. I am trying to count how many of these 
patients have a score of t>0. I tried the following code:

gen tcount=0
forvalues i=1/236{
    forvalues j=1/57{
    if patient==`i' & t>0 {
    then tcount==tcount+1 

I think a loop is unnecessary here  - you just want to count, right? There 
are many solutions, e.g.

count if t >0 & t<.

(saved in r(N))


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