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Re: st: tab-delimited output of -tabodds

From   Margaret R Grove <>
Subject   Re: st: tab-delimited output of -tabodds
Date   Tue, 25 Mar 2008 12:51:30 -0400

Here's a very clunky example of how to get a tab-delimited file of the results of tabodds. Note that if you are doing multiple tabodds commands, using "postfile" with scalars would make this a bit more elegant.

webuse bdesop,clear

tabodds case alcohol [fw=freq]

*** Assign the return codes to variables
gen odds=r(odds)

gen lb_odds=r(lb_odds)

gen ub_odds=r(ub_odds)

gen chi2_hom=r(chi2_hom)

gen p_hom=r(p_hom)

gen df_hom=r(df_hom)

gen chi2_tr=r(chi2_tr)

gen p_trend=r(p_trend)

*** Keep only the first observation

keep if _n==1

*** Fix up p-values for readability

replace p_hom=0.0001 if p_hom<.0001

replace p_trend=0.0001 if p_trend<.0001

*** output the results to a tab-delimited file

outsheet odds lb_odds ub_odds chi2_hom p_hom df_hom chi2_tr p_trend using test.txt, replace

If you don't need all the variables, just use the ones you need.


Svend Juul wrote:

Herve Stolowy wrote:
Do you know a way to get a tab-delimited file after -tabodds-?
I don't think you can. Some tables are nicely formatted, and highlighting the table, right-clicking, and selecting -copy table- generates a tab-separated file. But -tabodds-
is poorly formatted with the first three columns run together,
and it will not work. To see the formatting, you can paste to Excel and take a look.
StataCorp: It would be a good idea to make a cleaning operation,
i.e., check how the tabular output from various commands are
formatted, and make a consistent formatting for those commands
that don't do it right.
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