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st: Remove column headers in -estout-

From   "Vladimir Vakhitov" <>
Subject   st: Remove column headers in -estout-
Date   Sun, 23 Mar 2008 05:42:17 -0400

Dear Statalisters,

I have to run about a dozen regressions with the same variables, but
on different samples. My major interest is only one coefficient (let's
call it be b_ZZ) in all these regressions, and I want to stack values
of these coefficients into one meta-table, something like this:
Sample  b_ZZ
1  .23***
2  .93*
3  .32**
4  .002

In principle, I could use e(b) and e(V) results to do that, but I need
the result with "significance stars", and in this case I will have to
program this manually, which I am not very strong at yet.

I tried to use -estout- with  -keep(ZZ)- option. It works almost OK,
but I still have to copy the result into an Excel file to remove the
headers of each regression. Once the number of samples increases this
task becomes quite cumbersome. I tried to remove the headers from
within -estout- command, but I coudn't find an option like, for
example, [nomodelhead]. Is that still possible to exclude model
headers from -estout output?

Any other ideas how to preserve only coefficients for required -est-
results with significance stars?

Thank you.

Volodymyr Vakhitov
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