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st: t: Test for Interaction-Meta analysis program

Subject   st: t: Test for Interaction-Meta analysis program
Date   Sat, 22 Mar 2008 18:50:09 -0300 (BRT)


You have several strata, say, N 2x2 tables (or effect sizes and their
variances/standard errors), you can test for interaction (assuming that
interaction in this case means lack of homogeneity) using either the
Cochran Q-Statistic or the Breslow-Day test.

-metan- calculates automatically the Q-statistic, whereas the Breslow-Day
test requires the option breslow as well as raw data (complete 2x2
tables).  Assuming you have raw data (2x2 tables) as a b c d (four
collumns), type, for instance:

metan a b c d, or random breslow


metan a b c d, rr fixedi

see the several options you have on the help file.


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