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Re: st: MAC Questions

From   "Philip Ender" <>
Subject   Re: st: MAC Questions
Date   Sat, 22 Mar 2008 09:58:44 -0700


I can't answer your first question but as for the second one, I use
Stata's do-file editor
and don't encounter problems.  If you use something else then the
-filefilter- command
id very useful.  For Mac to Windows the command is,

. filefilter test1.txt test2.txt, from(\n) to(\r\n)

To go the other way just reverse the from and the to.  I will also
make the following

MAC : Mac :: STATA : Stata

Phil Ender
Statistical Consulting Group
UCLA Academic Technology Services

On Sat, 3/22/08, Fred Wolfe wrote ------------------------------

Having just acquired a MAC Pro, I wonder if the MAC experts could help
me with two questions?

1) In Windows I could open more than one version of Stata at a time.
How is that done on the MAC?
2) As also use Stata on the PC, what is the best way to save do and
adofile with respect to end of line (EOL) settings so that they can be
read in windows and in the MAC?


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