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st: strata in bootstrap

From   "Timothy Dang" <>
To   stata <>
Subject   st: strata in bootstrap
Date   Wed, 19 Mar 2008 09:40:48 -0700

Hello statalisters-

I need clarification on the -strata- option in -bootstrap-.

The help documentation says: "strata(varlist) specifies the variables
that identify strata. If this option is specified, bootstrap samples
are taken independently within each stratum."

I'm not entirely clear on what that means. Obviously, any bootstrap
samples are taken independently (unless otherwise specified with
something like -cluster-). Does the above mean that each replication
has one sample from each stratum?

I'm looking at some economic experimental data. Over 12 periods, a
bunch of subjects made binary decisions. I want to estimate the
overall odds of a positive choice, but obviously the choices of one
subject over all those periods is not independent.

So I'm essentially trying this:

bootstrap m=r(mean), reps(100) level(90) strata(Subject): sum choice

I'm trying to figure out if that's the correct way to cope with the
inter-dependence of choices for each Subject.



Timothy O'Neill Dang / Cretog8
One monkey don't stop no show.
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