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Re: st: clogit data format

From   Margaret R Grove <margaret.r.grove@Dartmouth.EDU>
Subject   Re: st: clogit data format
Date   Thu, 20 Mar 2008 11:40:37 -0400

Apologies! I should have stated my question more clearly:

Is the format I showed in my post appropriate for what I'm trying to do?

Thank you!

The data looks like this:

id rater rating
1 1 0
1 2 1
1 3 1
1 4 0
2 1 1
2 2 .
2 3 0
2 4 0

I want to look at the difference between raters (have already done kappa). I tried:

xi: clogit rating i.rater, group(id)

Nick Cox wrote:

Be that as it may, the report of "very different answers" is pretty
to discuss without any details whatsoever.

Margaret R Grove

I've seen examples of SAS PHREG and Stata clogit used on the same data at the following web site:

Svend Juul wrote:

Margaret wrote:
I'm attempting to use clogit and have a very basic question about the data format. It seems like it should be obvious but I'm getting very different answers than a colleague using SAS PHREG.
Isn't SAS PHREG about proportional hazards regression
(Cox regression)? Stata's -clogit- performs conditional
logistic regression; in my understanding this is quite
a different analysis.
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