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st: xtmelogit question

From   "Joerg-Tobias Kuhn" <>
Subject   st: xtmelogit question
Date   Thu, 20 Mar 2008 14:15:57 +0100

I have a question concerning the output of xtmelogit, as I am
comparing Stata and SAS outputs.

I have estimated a logistic regression model with crossed random
effects. In SAS, I used the GLIMMIX macro, and compared it to the
output of xtmelogit. The xtmelogit syntax we used was

xtmelogit y Kontext Zahl Oder Und Kompl Formel Irrel Unbek ||
_all:R.item || id:, var

Here comes my question: the xtmelogit output (below) does not provide
any results pertaining to the residual variance, in contrast to SAS.
However, I would like to compute Intraclass Correlations and need the
residual variance for that. Is it possible to get this information
under xtmelogit?

  Random-effects Parameters  |   Estimate   Std. Err.     [95% Conf. Interval]
_all: Identity               |
                 var(R.item) |   .2021935   .1036386      .0740399    .5521646
id: Identity                 |
                  var(_cons) |   1.379988    .253633      .9625649     1.97843
LR test vs. logistic regression:     chi2(2) =   186.41   Prob > chi2 = 0.0000
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