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Re: st: RE: Any suggestions for

From   Jeph Herrin <>
Subject   Re: st: RE: Any suggestions for
Date   Sat, 15 Mar 2008 09:45:31 -0400

In a "more is sometimes too much" vein:

I use XP and often open datasets by double clicking the
icon. Sometimes I need to open several datasets, and I
thought the most efficient thing would be if "set mem"
in could match the size of the dataset. Hence,
my takes an argument and includes this to allocate
50% more memory than the file requires (unless Stata is
being invoked with .do file):


set mem 100m
if "`1'"~="" {
	if (strpos("`1'",".dta")>0) {
		d using "`1'", short
		local size = int(r(width)*r(N)*1.5/(2^20))
		local size = max(10,`size')
		set mem `size'm
		use "`1'"
	else if (indexnot("`1'",".do")>0) {
		do "`1'"


(For reasons I don't understand, this does not work if
I replace "indexnot" from old versions with "strpos()==0".)

Of course, you then have to fiddle the command line for .dta
and .do file types so that is invoked with an argument,
so it's not for everyone.


Nick Winter wrote:
In a "less is more" vein, I note that both -set mem- and -set matsize- allow the -permanent- options, which removed the need to have them in

And you can specify a different starting directory on installation. Not sure if that can be changed after installation...

Nick Winter

Nick Cox wrote:

On your last question, proper installation through -net- or -ssc- (which is just an elaborate wrapper for -net-) takes care of that. Conversely, I don't think there is anything you could put in a that will stop you putting files in dopey places if you are so minded (except -exit, STATA-).
I include this in my (local details suppressed)
set httpproxy on
set httpproxyhost <whatever> set httpproxyport 8080
and that's essential when it's essential. See help on -netio-.
There's software for which there's a deep art, or some kind of chutzpah, in building up a long personalised initialisation file full of clever tricks, but I am not sure that Stata is included under that heading.
Allan Joseph Medwick

I just reinstalled Stata and I would like to keep my installation
directory clean. What are some good tips for making efficient use of

So far, I have included the following commands:

set mem 500m
set matsize 5000
cd C:\Users\amedwick\Documents\Stata

Is there a way to keep updates from STB, SJ, SSC in their own folders?
Anything else should I include?

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