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st: RE: statalist-digest V4 #2999

From   Marc Pelath <>
To   "''" <>
Subject   st: RE: statalist-digest V4 #2999
Date   Thu, 13 Mar 2008 16:57:14 -0500

Hi Luis,

Multinomial logits are no good?  Jenkins only notes that it's "rather complex" in the case where the data is interval-censored, and [this is implied] the intervals are long relative to the timescale of variation in the hazard rates.  From your description, it's not obvious that this is the problem.

Marc Pelath


Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2008 12:52:02 +0100
From: "Luis Ortiz" <>
Subject: st: Competing risks models with discrete time data

Dear Statalisters,

I am running an event-history (survival) analysis with discrete time (panel)
data. My risk period may potentially end in different, concurring events.
They might not be independent. I am almost sure they are not.

It seems that modelling competing risks with discrete time data is "rather
complex". Stephen Jenkins says so in one of its lessons, generously provided

Do you happen to know if STATA10 provides any improvement in this regard;
that is, if there is any improvement that allows for modelling competing
risks with discrete time panel data?

Many thanks for your attention

Luis Ortiz

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