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st: modifying a macro containing variable names

From   Jeremy Reynolds <>
Subject   st: modifying a macro containing variable names
Date   Sun, 09 Mar 2008 17:09:42 -0400

In the code below, I attempt to take a global macro containing variable names and use a loop to remove each variable one at a time and perform some calculations with the remaining variables. Something goes wrong, however, with the list. As indicated below, the modified list looks correct in the display command, but I do not get the expected word count, and I am unable to run any estimation commands on the modified list. I've searched the archives for related issues and tried every combination of quotation marks and spaces that I can think of, but still no luck . . .

Perhaps the error messages from the last two lines hold the clues, but I can't decipher them. Any help you can offer would be appreciated.



P.S. If it matters, my goal is to calculate predicted values after xtreg, fe, allowing each variable to go from low to high while holding the others at their means.

est restore mm_men3
global ivlist "occ_1 occ_2 occ_3"
foreach var of varlist $ivlist{
local list1 regexr("$ivlist", "`var'", "")
local list2 : list retokenize list1
di `list2' /*list2 looks: okay: occ_2 occ_3*/
local numvars : word count (`list2') di `numvars' /*a double-check shows that the word count is not 2 as expected, but 7*/
*adjust `list2', xb by(`var') /*if this line is run, the error message is: time-series operators not allowed */
*sum `list2' /*if this line is run, the error message is: "occ_1 occ_2 occ_3 invalid name*/

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