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st: Creating Datasets with Parmby

From   Claude Francoeur <>
Subject   st: Creating Datasets with Parmby
Date   Sat, 08 Mar 2008 15:26:05 -0500


I want to ultimately export my results to Excel. For this, I understand that 
I should create datasets and that parmby does just that. I was not able to 
include the parmby command in the following commands correctly. Could 
anybody show me how to modify the following commands to incorporate the 
parmby command?

Thank you very much.


by modeofpayment2, sort : ttest cctanormal, by(familydummy)

by modeofpayment2 familydummy, sort : tabstat cctanormal cctkanormal, 
statistics( mean sd sem count ) columns(variables)

by modeofpayment2 familydummy, sort : ttest cctanormal == 0

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