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RIF: RIF: RIF: st: chow test for more than 2 coef

From   "Mussida Chiara" <>
To   <>
Subject   RIF: RIF: RIF: st: chow test for more than 2 coef
Date   Mon, 3 Mar 2008 17:29:42 +0100

I'm almost sure about separate models since the test strongly reject the null of equality between the coef.
my coefs refer to geographical partitions (groups of region) of residence. These are binary variablesintroduced into my model for the duration of unemploymnet. basically the test confirms the presence of heterogeneity of this phenomena acrooss different partitions of my country. 
ah, sorry: the model is a piecewise constant hazard

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	Oggetto: Re: RIF: RIF: st: chow test for more than 2 coef

	At 10:45 AM 3/3/2008, Mussida Chiara wrote:
	>Sure, that is what I want to test: done with the command
	>testparm...I can now proceed with separate models
	I'm unclear on the separate models part.  Just because the effects of
	x1-x5 are equal does not mean that you would run separate models, one
	using only x1, one using only x2, etc.  All 5 variables (or perhaps
	an additive scale created from them) should probably still be in the
	model.  But again, I don't know what the x's are, nor do I know what
	you are trying to accomplish.  Perhaps you could describe your goals
	in a bit more detail.
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