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st: Package to construct violin plots on SSC (vioplot)

From   Nick Winter <[email protected]>
To   Stata List <[email protected]>
Subject   st: Package to construct violin plots on SSC (vioplot)
Date   Wed, 16 Jan 2008 08:49:13 -0500


Kit Baum has just posted my package -vioplot-, which constructs violin plots.

Violin plots are a modification of box plots, that add plots of the estimated kernel density to the summary statistics displayed by box plots. They include a marker for the median of the data, a box indicating the interquartile range, and spikes extending to the upper- and lower-adjacent values, as in standard box plots. Overlaid with this modified box plot is a density, estimated by kdensity. They were first described by Hintze and Nelson (1998).

(There is a separate package, "violin," by Thomas Steichen that constructs violin plots as well. The major difference is that program runs under the "old," v7 graphics.)

Hintze, Jerry L., and Ray D. Nelson. 1998. "Violin Plots: A Box Plot-Density Trace Synergism." The American Statistician 52(2):181-84.

I'd love any feedback on the program.

Nick Winter

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