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st: Sweave, SASweave, Stataweave?

From   David Airey <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: Sweave, SASweave, Stataweave?
Date   Mon, 7 Jan 2008 08:38:34 -0600


R and S have Sweave, a way to get results and figures and code into another document fairly easily.

SAS also has a SASweave.

I can't seem to find "Stataweave". I have found that Phil Schumm produced this system below. Has any one other than Phil found this approach as useful as a stataweave approach? It looks good.

Reproducible research using Stata
Phil Schumm, [email protected]
Department of Health Studies, University of Chicago
Coauthor: Ronald A. Thisted

In this presentation, we shall address two issues concerning the research process: (1) the need for an efficient way to transfer results obtained using a statistical package into a written report, and (2) the need to organize and package one's work so that those results are easily reproducible. Previous work addressing these issues has concentrated on tools written specifically for use with S-Plus/R and LaTeX and has involved mixing code and written material in a single document (e.g., Sweave). In contrast, our approach involves a method for extracting results (e.g., estimation results, graphs, and even pieces of code and raw output) generated by a suitably organized do-file (or files) into a series of intermediary files that can then be easily imported into a second written document. Although the document could be constructed in a variety of formats, we shall demonstrate how this may done using reStructuredText—an intuitive and easy-to-use markup syntax that can then be automatically translated into a variety of final formats (e.g., LaTeX, HTML). This system may be used not only for research but also when teaching statistics with Stata as a method for students to organize and to submit their work.

Additional information

Schumm_NASUG-presentation.pdf (PDF)


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