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st: Passive option in mim for a range of values

From   "Carter Rees" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: Passive option in mim for a range of values
Date   Fri, 7 Dec 2007 20:35:42 -0500


Stata 10 SE, Windows XP

I am using -mim- and running into an issue with the passive option.  

I have a variable PA12 that has values ranging from 1-9 which I used to
would like to use the passive option to reflect that each dummy can be equal
to 1 based on a range of values not simply one value.  The help file for
-mim- seems to indicate that this can be done.  

The output shows that the commands are working properly but the values are
being passively imputed by only one of the possible values each dummy can
take on.  For example, PARENTHSEDU is being imputed from  PA12 equal to 7
only.  I can see why my code would make Stata think that this is what I want
but I can't seem to properly tell Stata to consider a range of values for
each variable.

ice twobio romance parenthsedu parentcolledu parentlessedu ///
"E:\Imputed_Data.dta",replace  m(5) ///
passive(parenthsedu:pa12 == 4 \ parenthsedu:pa12 == 5 \ ///
parenthsedu: pa12 == 6 \ parenthsedu:pa12 == 7 \ ///
parentcolledu:pa12 == 8 \ parentcolledu:pa12==9 \ ///
parentlessedu:pa12 == 1 \ parentlessedu:pa12 == 2 \ ///
parentlessedu:pa12 == 3) ///
substitute(pa12:parenthsedu parentcolledu parentlessedu)

Many thanks,


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