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st: Doh! Command line variable name expansion

From   "David Elliott" <>
Subject   st: Doh! Command line variable name expansion
Date   Thu, 23 Aug 2007 10:47:32 -0300

I've been using Stata for years and never noticed this.  I was typing
a command and had part of a variable name typed and hit TAB rather
than the intended 'q' and the variable name was completed for me.  As
long as you type enough to uniquely identify the variable you can hit
TAB and have it unabbreviated.

Is this something new that was snuck in or have I been asleep at the
wheel all this time? I haven't been able to find mention of it,
although my search of the manuals and help (using -hsearch
unabbreviate- and -hsearch command line- and -hsearch tab-) was not

If it is new - then thanks Stata!  I've always called Stata the stats
package for lazy people, now you can be even lazier ;-)

David Elliott
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