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st: Non-Linear Least Squares Programming Question

From   "Randy Akee " <>
To   <>
Subject   st: Non-Linear Least Squares Programming Question
Date   Wed, 15 Aug 2007 15:44:49 +0200


I have a program that I want to use with the NL (non-linear least
squares) command in Stata.  I just have a simple question with regard to
Stata v.9, for my objective function that gets "replaced" in the NL
program, is it possible to have the Left Hand side and the ride hand
side both be matrices?  Typically, I have seen examples (in the stata
manual and other people's do files), where the right hand side is simply
a single equation.

For instance:
capture program drop nltest
program define nltest    
        version 9.0
if "`1'"==  { global S_1 b1 b2 b3
        replace `1'=$b1*X+exp($b2*$b3)

nl test data1 X etc. . .

I want to know if Stata v.9 can handle a matrix on both the right hand
side and left hand side (can data1 and X be matrices?) in the line above
that begins with "replace".  I have several equations that I would like
to fit with the same parameters.

I know Stata v.10 has the NLSUR command, I just want to know if I should
wait for this version.


Randall K. Q. Akee, Ph.D.

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