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Re: st: RE: Stacked Histogram

From   Marcello Pagano <>
Subject   Re: st: RE: Stacked Histogram
Date   Wed, 25 Oct 2006 12:39:55 -0400

Apologies for not responding sooner, but I was flying yesterday. From our nation's capital, let me say your solution works beautifully. Thank you very much.

Yes, I agree, I only used it for a few (two) categories. Probably get too confusing for too many more.

Thanks, again,


Quoting Nick Cox <>:

The generic problem I think of here as "the way ahead is -bar-red",
meaning that -graph bar- or -histogram- doesn't do it, so what is
to be done? The answer is (usually) to make your own with -twoway bar-
as a basis.

Here is an example:

sysuse auto, clear

twoway__histogram_gen mpg if foreign, gen(freq_foreign x) freq start(0) width(2)

twoway__histogram_gen mpg if !foreign, gen(freq_domestic x2) freq start(0) width(2)

qui gen freq = freq_domestic + freq_foreign

twoway bar freq_domestic x if freq < ., barw(2) bcolor(blue) xsc(r(10 .)) || ///
rbar freq_domestic freq x2 if freq < ., barw(2) bcolor(red) ///
legend(order(1 "Domestic" 2 "Foreign") pos(11) col(1) ring(0)) ///
xtitle("`: var label mpg'") ytitle(Frequency) xla(10(5)40) yla(, ang(h)) ///
xsc(r(10 .))

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