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st: funcdep & collapseunique

From   David Kantor <>
To   Statalist <>
Subject   st: funcdep & collapseunique
Date   Mon, 23 Oct 2006 15:28:20 -0400

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to Kit Baum, new updates to funcdep have been inserted into the collapseunique module in SSC.

funcdep tests for functional dependency. The updates allow for a variable to be generated that indicated where functional dependency fails to hold. It is also an easy way to generate something to indicate whether a variable has multiple values within certain partitioning subsets (what you usually call by-groups, though the relevant option is called -basis- here).

There was also an update to collapseunique.hlp (but not to collapseunique.ado).

funcdep is part of the collapseunique module. The collapseunique program collapses a dataset into unique values by by-groups, provided that they are indeed unique within by-groups.

(In case anyone downloaded collapseunique between last Friday and today, you should re-download it; there has been another change today.)

Thanks again to Kit Baum for his work on SSC.

--David Kantor

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