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Re: st: copy value within group

From   Ulrich Kohler <>
Subject   Re: st: copy value within group
Date   Mon, 23 Oct 2006 16:18:19 +0200 wrote:
> Tim Wade suggested
> > . qui bysort id (x): replace x=x[1]
> Thanks Tim.  This is indeed better and it hadn't occured to me probably
> because I tend to not remember what order -sort- puts things in and so
> I try not to rely on the specific order (ascending or descending) if I
> can avoid it.  (I know I can just look it up or experiment, and I do
> when needed.)  Nevertheless, I think I will adopt this approach since
> it is one line long and clearer.

No need for look up here. The -bysort- command explicitely orders the variable 
according to id _and_ x. This is why the x is mentioned in the parentheses of 
the by-prefix.


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