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st: Marginal Effects

Subject   st: Marginal Effects
Date   Thu, 19 Oct 2006 14:25:02 -0400

I am using Julian Fennema's dhurdle program for Stata and am running into 
a problem.  I am doing a Cragg model for saving habits of consumers.  The 
first hurdle is whether or not a consumer has savings and for those that 
do, i.e. =1, how much savings they have.  The model runs fine and 
converges after only a few iterations.  However, I need to compute the 
marginal effects for the results and this is where I run into problems.  I 
tried using -mfx- but I get an error message saying that 

"unrecognized command:  dhurd_p"

Anyone familiar with this problem at all?  Im guessing it has something to 
do with the predictive nature of the model, hence the "_p", but Im not 
sure.  Can someone give me any advice in finding the marginal effects?

Michael Wilson
Consumer Education and Research
Consumer and Community Affairs 
Federal Reserve Board of Governors
(202) 452-2884
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