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Re: st: Marginal Effects

From   Richard Williams <>
Subject   Re: st: Marginal Effects
Date   Thu, 19 Oct 2006 14:36:03 -0500

At 01:25 PM 10/19/2006, wrote:
I am using Julian Fennema's dhurdle program for Stata and am running into
a problem.  I am doing a Cragg model for saving habits of consumers.  The
first hurdle is whether or not a consumer has savings and for those that
do, i.e. =1, how much savings they have.  The model runs fine and
converges after only a few iterations.  However, I need to compute the
marginal effects for the results and this is where I run into problems.  I
tried using -mfx- but I get an error message saying that

"unrecognized command:  dhurd_p"

Anyone familiar with this problem at all?  Im guessing it has something to
do with the predictive nature of the model, hence the "_p", but Im not
sure.  Can someone give me any advice in finding the marginal effects?
Where did you get it from? -findit dhurdle- yields no matches, at least for me. If you got it off of Fennema's own site, you might have to go back and get dhurd_p.ado as well.

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