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Re: st: Stata vs SPSS

From   Richard Williams <>
Subject   Re: st: Stata vs SPSS
Date   Mon, 16 Oct 2006 11:49:59 -0500

At 10:35 AM 10/16/2006, Raphael Fraser wrote:
On 10/15/06, Richard Williams <> wrote:
However, I suspect that isn't the kind of thing your students were
complaining about!  Who are these people, what is the field of study,
what sorts of things are they going to need to do in their future
These are graduate students majoring in Nutrition or Epidemiology.
They are being trained primarily for academic research. They are going
to be expected to perform simple statistical analyses (t-test, etc.)
and data manipulation.
Oh. Well, in that case you should be using SPSS. :)

Actually, while I was drawn to Stata because of its more advanced capabilities, I think it is very good for more basic things as well. In fact, there are some simple things I never could figure out how to do in SPSS, but in Stata they were easy. If it helps any, my "Stata Highlights" page shows how various simple things can easily be done in Stata:

That reminds me - to the list of things I like about Stata, I'll add the immediate commands. Quite handy for checking homework answers, if nothing else, and may be useful for real-world problems as well.

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