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Re: st: Bad error message for tabulate with exact option

From   [email protected] (Alan Riley)
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: Bad error message for tabulate with exact option
Date   Fri, 15 Sep 2006 17:39:11 -0500

Fred Wolfe ([email protected]) asked about the error
number reported by -tabulate, exact- when it ran out of memory:
> I apparently ran out of memory using tabulate, exact.
> Stata reported:
> r(910);
> ...
> The error message associated with 910 is:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> search for 
> r(910) 
> (manual:  [R] search)
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>          Keywords:  r(910)
>            Search:  (1) Official help files, FAQs, Examples, SJs, and STBs
> Search of official help files, FAQs, Examples, SJs, and STBs
> [P]     error . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  Return code 910
>          value too small;
>          You attempted to change the size of memory, but specified
>          values for memory, maximum observations, maximum width, or
>          maximum variables that are too small.  Stata wants to
>          allocate a minimum of 300K.
> (end of search)
> Unfortunately, the message appears to be wrong as I had allocated 800 mb of 
> memory. So perhaps this error message should be changed?

-tabulate, exact- should have reported some more information with
the r(910) return code.  Perhaps this was caught by a -quietly-
or -capture- command in Fred's do-file.  The additional error
information that should have been displayed when -tabulate, exact-
failed is

  exceeded memory limits using exact(#); try again with larger #; see
  help tabulate for details

Fred may wish to try specifying

  tabulate ..., exact(2)

(or some higher number) after reading the description of the -exact()-
option in the help file for -tabulate-.  The help file for -tabulate-
incorrectly refers to this error number as 911, or -tabulate-
incorrectly returns 910 rather than 911; we will fix that
inconsistency in a future update.

If Fred's dataset does not need -set memory 800m- to be loaded and
analyzed, it would be better if he decreased that memory setting.
The reason is that a separate memory allocation is performed by
-tabulate, exact(#)- for its calculations.  The more memory allocated
by -set memory-, the less memory available for -tabulate, exact(#)-.
If Fred has enough total memory on his system, of course, this will
not be an isssue.

([email protected])
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