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RE: st: Integrating Stata and external text editors

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: Integrating Stata and external text editors
Date   Wed, 30 Aug 2006 15:27:25 +0100

David's doubt appears correct. Posting listings that are long
or that contain some long lines is always dangerous and in this 
case the code appears mangled in both Harvard and StataCorp 
archives for Statalist. 

Beyond that, the import of this posting is unclear to me. 
NoteTab code is posted here, but David declares that 
he will not give support on learning NoteTab. I have
every sympathy for that, but 

Is _this_ code supported? 

Is it intended to be self-documenting? 

I note incidentally that the list of -egen- functions is out-of-date. 

As the maintainer of an FAQ
I aspire to collate all valuable information in 
this territory, but as a courtesy both to those
too busy to document or support their code and 
to those who will have questions that cannot be answered
I do not think it fair to publicise within that FAQ
code posted in this way. That is a signal to others
who may be tempted to make similar postings. 

That aside, I recommend against posting code 
and declaring that it will not be supported. 
Persons who do not wish, or who lack the time,
to support code should not publicise it! 

(It is, as said, unclear to me whether this 
posting satisfies that criterion, but my 
recommendation floats free of that detail.) 


David Elliott
> For those using the very excellent NoteTab [ ]
> programmable text editor, Ross Odell created a Clip Library of Stata
> related commands that I have used and modified for a number of years.
> I offer the library below.  I am not sure if line wraps will appear in
> certain places so I am providing a link to the file in my webspace as
> well at [ ].  You have
> to have an understanding of NoteTab to know where to place and how to
> use this file and regrettably I am not able to support people in
> learning these things.  The most used commands are the do|do
> selected|do to end but there are others to help with ado programming
> and ones at the end for linking to various Stata website URLs.

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