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st: RE: RE: stcmd on Stata for Mac OS X?

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: RE: stcmd on Stata for Mac OS X?
Date   Thu, 22 Jun 2006 08:53:47 +0100

Glad you solved your problem. However, 
the program you have now is no longer -stcmd-
as written by Roger Newson. 

Even if you only use it privately, you should change 
the name. But already you are already implying
that others in your situation should change the 
program. That is good advice, but only if they 
also change the program name. 

This is good practice because of the possibility
that sometime in the future you will ask 
for support on -stcmd- and you and everybody 
else will be talking about different programs. 
At worst, you will be asking for support on 
a bug you introduced yourself and which will
be hard to identify. Or, others may ask Roger
for support on a program he didn't write. 

Reminding yourself every time you use it that you 
changed the program thus does no harm and may 
do some good by reducing communication problems 
in the future. 

The point may seem minor in this example, but 
I am making a fuss about it because it applies
much more generally. 

The advice is already given in the FAQ

6.4 What is the relationship between ado-files from the 
SSC Archive, other user-written ados, ados published 
in the Stata Journal, and ados that are part of official Stata?


... while anything placed in the SSC Archive is tacitly put 
in the public domain. In practice, you can probably take anything 
published [there] and modify it as you will -- especially if you 
do that privately -- but publicly we recommend that unless you are 
the original author, you should change the name of the program, 
take all blame for any limitations your changes produce, and 
imply that a suitably large portion of the credit for the 
program belongs to the original authors. 


Pierre Azoulay
> Thanks to Nick for his post. I thnk I answered my own question, but my
> hack might be useful to other Mac Users. As it turns out, the
> stcmd.ado installed by the PC version of stat/transfer can easily be
> modified to work on a mac. Here is the program:
> --------------------------
> #delim ;
> prog def stcmd;
> version 6.0;
> *
>  Run the Stat/Transfer st command
>  with parameters and switches supplied by the user.
>  Author: Roger Newson
>  Date: 12 November 2000
> *;
> *shell "C:\Program Files\StatTransfer8\st" `0' ;
> shell /Applications/StatTransfer/st.command `0' ;
> end;
> ---------------------------
> The only thing to note is that statements like
> stcmd essai.xls stata/se essai.dta /y /t
> will need to be modified to read:
> stcmd essai.xls stata/se essai.dta -y -t
> The ability to Stat/Transfer files from within stata is certainly
> convenient. Once you start relying on it, it will be hard to give up!

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