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Re: Re: st: shorthand

From   "Austin Nichols" <>
Subject   Re: Re: st: shorthand
Date   Mon, 5 Jun 2006 10:11:47 -0400

Timothy Mak--
If you wind up with logical==0 everywhere, you might have included a
string variable in your varlist... try also

gen byte allmiss = 1
ds a10*
foreach v in `r(varlist)' {
qui replace allmiss = 0 if !mi(`v' )
list if allmiss==1

but are you sure you want to list all variables in all observations
where all a10* are missing?  You will be listing a lot of dots...
maybe you want to

gen byte allmiss = 1
qui ds
local allvars `r(varlist)'
qui ds a10*
local avars `r(varlist)'
local tolist: list allvars - avars
foreach v of local avars {
qui replace allmiss = 0 if !mi(`v' )
list `tolist' if allmiss==1

On 6/5/06, n j cox <> wrote:
This problem is no problem. Loop over
your varlist instead:

gen byte logical = 1
quietly foreach v of var <varlist> {
        replace logical = 0 if `v' < .


Timothy Mak

This is ok if my variables are a100, a101, a102, and so on, but it
wouldn't work if I have say a101a, a102a, a102b, a103_oth, and so on,
variables that have the same root but don't have other things in common...

But thanks anyway.

Dominic Muston

I'm not sure this is shorter!

gen logical==1
forvalues i=100(1)200 {
      replace logical = 0 if a`i'!=.
list if logical==1
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