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st: Histograms and "by"

From   "MA V" <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: Histograms and "by"
Date   Mon, 24 Apr 2006 14:12:48 +0000

Is there a relatively easy way of achieving the following?

I have a categorical variable -var1- and I would like to get an histogram of var2 for each of the levels of this variable var1. The problem is that I don't want to do the histograms one by one.
For example, to plot "regular plots", for all the levels, we usually do do
graph bar var1, by(var2)

But I tried using "by" with histograms and had no luck...

Is there something similar that I can use with histograms? I was trying to avoid to plot each of the histograms separately, then saving them and then using combine... Is there an easier way?


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