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RE: st: manipulating matrix elements

From   Steve Vaisey <>
Subject   RE: st: manipulating matrix elements
Date   Wed, 29 Mar 2006 13:48:32 -0500

I'm on digest mode, so forgive the off-cycle nature of my replies.

I just checked the archives and saw Nick's question about the additive element. The reference for this is:

Martin, John Levi. 1999. "Entropic Measures of Belief System Constraint." Social Science Research 28:111-134.

A simpler and perhaps more useful exposition is given in:

-----. 2002. "Power, Authority, and the Constraint of Belief Systems." American Journal of Sociology 197:861-904.

Adding the ln(M) [where M = number of cells] is meant to standardize the entropy (actually, the negative of the entropy) so that it varies from 0 to 1 (i.e., from more to less entropic). This standardization assumes, however, that no (or few) cells have particularly low counts. As such, it's really only useful in large-n applications. But since that's what I have, that's OK.

I still like the .ado version, since it allows me to do other things I might want to do. Would you mind, Nick, adding the additive term into the program you wrote? Thanks.


Stephen Vaisey
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow
Caroline H. and Thomas S. Royster, Jr. Fellow
Department of Sociology
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
200 Hamilton Hall (CB #3210)
Chapel Hill, NC 27599

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