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st: weighting item specific (CPI) histograms

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Subject   st: weighting item specific (CPI) histograms
Date   Tue, 28 Mar 2006 12:37:03 +0300

Dear all, 

Is there a way to calculate a weighted (CPI) histogram with STATA? I
have a very large micro data set and I would like to sum up the
histograms of price changes in each item groups (eg. gasoline, bananas,
computers, cell phone calls) to a single weighted CPI histogram. So what
I need is a command (or a macro or program) that calculates the item
specific histograms and then weights them up with given item weights.

Or can I save the histograms as tables (data) (instead of pictures)?
That would allow me to export them and do the weighting in eg. Excel.

I am familiar with the fweights option on histogram command, but I think
it does not suit for my purposes.


Samu Kurri 
Bank of Finland

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