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Re: st: 64-bit Windows vs Linux

From   "K Ssdjk" <>
Subject   Re: st: 64-bit Windows vs Linux
Date   Mon, 27 Mar 2006 20:16:22 -0500

Thanks for the response. My question was comparing the performance stata under the two OS, something the FAQ does not address (at least that I could find). So I am interested in hearing about anyone's pratical experience comparing Linux and 64-bit Win

Re: problems with 64 bit Win: I had read that 64-bit win either runs 32-bit programs more slowly or not at all. I have no experience with it myself so I do not know this to be true.


From: "Anders Alexandersson" <>
Subject: Re: st: 64-bit Windows vs Linux
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2006 16:19:37 -0500

Please read the FAQs titled "What are the hardware requirements to run
Stata?" and
"What kind of performance increase can I expect in going from 32-bit
to 64-bit Stata?" at and at What "bad things"
are you referring to?

Anders Alexandersson

On 3/27/06, K Ssdjk <> wrote:
> I am a stata 9-se user and I frequently use large (>2G) datasets. I
> currently run stata jobs on my university's distibuted UNIX environment, but
> am interested in shifting everything over to my desktop.
> It seems my two options are:
> - a Linux box
> - a 64-bit Windows PC
> Has anyone on the listserv run some benchmarks comparing these options? Or
> also comparing these options to a multiprocessor UNIX system? I am a bit
> hestiant about the two options I am contemplating, since I have read bad
> things about the 64-bit Windows OS and am quite inexperienced as a *NIX
> admin.

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