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st: Thanks, Really! => graph twoway bar horizontal vs. graph hbar

From   Hiroshi Maeda <>
Subject   st: Thanks, Really! => graph twoway bar horizontal vs. graph hbar
Date   Sun, 05 Mar 2006 09:18:19 -0600

Dear Dr. Nichols,
Well, e-mail communication is hard! I was not being clear in my previous note thanking YOU! I understood you first time and tried your suggestions, which worked perfectly (Well, thank you again!). I opted for the -relabel(3 "':di char(160)'"...) solution. So I was not saying your solution did not work. What I tried, but failed, to convey in my previous note was this: before I posted my question, I had tried -relabel(3 " " 6 " " 9 " ")-, which had not worked. You warned in your reply that it would not work. I was merely curious to know why -relabel(3 " " 6 " " 9 " ")- did not work; having read the Graphics manual, I felt it should have worked... Anyway, I understood you first time and thank you. Have a great Sunday. ---Hiroshi


Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2006 17:02:37 -0500
From: "Austin Nichols" <>
Subject: Re: st: Thanks => graph twoway bar horizontal vs. graph hbar

"Didn't work" is less than informative.  The solution as provided does work.
At the risk of violating the norms on reposting, I will repeat:

The addition of
  relabel(3 " " 6 " " 9 " ")
as a suboption of over() ** doesn't ** work.  But this does:
  relabel(3 "`: di char(160)'" 6 "`: di char(160)'" 9 "`: di char(160)'")

On 3/4/06, Hiroshi Maeda <> wrote:
Thank you for your help, Drs. Nichols & Cox; you have solved my
problems. Austin, I actually tried the -relabel- suboption inside -over-
but it did not work, as you pointed out. I wonder why. I feel the
-relabel- suboption should have solved my problem #2. Am I missing
something or is this a problem in Stata? ---Hiroshi

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