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st: italics and symbols in graphs

From   "Rosy Reynolds" <>
To   "statalist" <>
Subject   st: italics and symbols in graphs
Date   Sat, 28 Jan 2006 11:38:48 -0000

I'd just like to add support to Nick, Ronán and B. Water in wishing for the capability of italics and symbols in Graph titles, especially italics.
Ronán is wonderfully understated. Yes, italicising species and genus names is just a convention, but it is such a strong one that failing to italicise them is usually considered plain wrong (like failing to capitalise country names), and at the very least rather ignorant and uncouth. In some fields we don't have the fallback position of using common names - for example, most of the 'critters' I need to name in my graph titles are bacteria which simply don't have common names. Italics would be a real benefit to me and many others in the life sciences.
The life scientists would also have a use for Symbol font (think beta-lactamase, alpha-interferon), but personally I need the italics more.
Thanks to Nick and Ronán for their input. It is at least helpful to know that italics are currently not possible, and will save time from 'one more search just in case I missed something'.

Rosy Reynolds, BSAC Resistance Surveillance Co-ordinator

Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2006 18:22:44 -0000
From: "Nick Cox" <>
Subject: RE: st: Italicizing caption in Graphs

I agree that Latinate species and genus names deserve to be
in italic when included on graphs. Good point.

The bigger need long-term, in my view, is for Stata graphics
to give support for more symbols, including at least some
mathematical typesetting and the Greek alphabet. The thing I
most frequently want to do, but can't, is superscript "-1", "-2", etc.


Ronán Conroy

There are valid reasons for having italics at your disposal.
Traditionally they are used for foreign language words and phrases.
These are common in biology, where many critters are referred to by
their latin titles and these are, by convention, placed in italics.
The names, of course, not the critters, who couldn't care less.

On 26 Ean 2006, at 13:55, n j cox wrote:

> On a different level, we could all throw our prejudices
> on the matter into the ring. My own line as a scientist,
> including roles as reader, author, reviewer/referee
> and member of editorial boards, is that in science (broad
> sense) graph designers should stick to one font throughout.
> But then I cleave to the minimalist-Tufte-Shaker-Bauhaus school
> of graph design.
Stata 8.2 Windows XP Pro SP2
I want to italicize a caption in my graph. With so much italics within
Stata [G] manual, one would have thought I could find the answer pronto - but I
could not
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