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RE: st: questions about xtfisher and impute

From   n j cox <>
Subject   RE: st: questions about xtfisher and impute
Date   Thu, 19 Jan 2006 22:29:56 +0000

This is not the way to try to get help from a technical
list. See, for example,
for something harder-hitting than the Statalist FAQ.

The help file for -xtfisher- gives a bundle
of references, so have you tried those references?

Otherwise, the world divides into two, those
with a lot of experience with -impute- and
those with essentially none. I think the experts,
not me by the way, really need a more specific request
than being asked to share thoughts.

Zamira Simkins

I have an unbalanced panel and would like to test unit root. I found
xtfisher and would like to know more about this command. Could someone
recommend a good article/paper that discusses its econometrics and
possibly compares its results with ipshin and similar panel unit root

Also, I am hesitant about using impute to fill in missing values due to
the increased measurement error, but many studies do use techniques
to fill in missing data. I would appreciate if someone shares his/her
views/thoughts on filling in missing data using impute and ipolate.

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