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Re: st: chi2/aw

From   Anders Alexandersson <>
Subject   Re: st: chi2/aw
Date   Tue, 10 Jan 2006 19:58:23 -0500

As stated in -help tabulate twoway-, the option chi2 may not be
specified if aweights are specified. What do you mean by "the problem
of integer"?

Anders Alexandersson

On 1/10/06, chloe <> wrote:
> Again, my quesiton about running chi-square and analytical weighting at
> the same time. The follwoing are my commands and the result:
> tab d3 d10 [aw=hweight], chi2
> chi2 invalid
> r(198);
> where d3 is gender (1=male, 2=female) and d10 is education (8 categories).
> I can not use frequency weighting because there will be the problem of
> integer and frequency weight is not allowed. I use aw according to the
> advice of the Luxembourg Income Study staff.

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