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st: RE: A new module in SSC archives. Tablemat.

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: A new module in SSC archives. Tablemat.
Date   Thu, 5 Jan 2006 21:04:46 -0000

I have two comments. 

1. Your program specifies Stata 8, yet requires -levels-, 
which was added to Stata as an official command on 
16 April 2003. Thus your program will fail for any users 
who have just the minimal requirement you specify, unless 
they also installed -levels- as a user-written command. 

You could save yourself, and Statalist, error reports
by insisting on Stata 8.2. That is, apart possibly from a few 
people with major firewall issues, anyone with Stata 
8 should be able to -update- to Stata 8.2. Also, anyone with 
Stata 8.2 will have -levels-. 

In Stata 9, -levelsof- is the name used. However, 
-levels- still lurks in the official files, although
users should not presume that will be the case 

2. Your help files mentions "referees" on Statalist. 
It's a detail, but I think an important one, that 
any comments transmitted via Statalist are just 
informal. Nobody "referees" anything else. 
Just in any case anybody misunderstands that, 
please change the wording.  


> Thanks to Kit Baum, a new module is available in the ssc archives.
> Tablemat is an extension to tabstat. While tabstat allows only
> one by-variable, tablemat allows as many as the user desires
> and saves results in a matrice for future use. Tablemat also handles
> very well the variables and values labels to mark the rows 
> and columns of
> the saved matrice.
> To instal, type:
> ssc inst tablemat, replace
> As I am still learning stata, please be kind to notify me of 
> any problem.

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