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Re: st: Protecting data sets

From   Teresio Poggio <>
Subject   Re: st: Protecting data sets
Date   Thu, 5 Jan 2006 21:13:10 +0100

Dear Fred,

a server-based data archive may also be a solution, allowing
investigators to work with your data without file distribution.

Not considering not stata-related solutions, people at Luxembourg
Income Study use a system in wich registered users can send stata
instructions (and receive output files ) by e-mail in order to do
their work .

They don't have to spread data-sets, they have control on users
acceding data sets and on instructions/outputs sent by e-mails (not
allowing save .. and the like) while investigators are allowed to do
quite sophisticated analysis (according to their published papers).

I've never tried it (it's in the to do list for 2006 ;-) but the
overall system -and LIS Project- has a very good reputation.

I hope this helps,


On 1/5/06, Fred Wolfe <> wrote:
> We sometimes loan our set of research stata dta files and programs we have
> developed to investigators to work with. We have some concern that the
> files could be passed on to others that shouldn't have access to them or
> that they might just sit on a computer and be accessible to other.

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