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st: Re: A dialog box to perform simulations.

Subject   st: Re: A dialog box to perform simulations.
Date   Thu, 5 Jan 2006 14:05:34 -0500

Dear Michael,
True, I did not read carefully. Apologies.
Now, I got it. I now know how to use di _request().
I will try to adapt it in my program.
What are the built-in dialogs you mentionned? As I said
I am neophyt, so I apologize if I sound somehow boring.
Best regards.


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 Subject: st: RE: A dialog box to perform simulations.                           
 > Thanks Nick,                                                                  
 > Yes, display can do that. And more generally, it is easier to do it           
 > through an                                                                    
 > ado.                                                                          
 > The user enters values in the options and the program computes                
 You didn't bother to read what Nick posted very carefully.  He pointed          
 the _request() option to the display command which takes user input and         
 it into a macro.  To address your larger question -- yes you can do             
 what you                                                                        
 want with dialog boxes -- creating an interactive system.  Many of the          
 built-in dialogs can do just that if you keep submitting different              
 Michael Blasnik                                                                                                              

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