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Re: st: Stata versions and reproductibility problem.

From   Daniel Mueller <>
Subject   Re: st: Stata versions and reproductibility problem.
Date   Thu, 05 Jan 2006 18:32:44 +0100


insert -version 8.2- at the beginning of your do-files and everything will work in Stata 9 as it did in Stata 8.2.

Daniel wrote on 1/5/2006 6:19 PM:


I have a problem.
I was running an old code today and it crashed. All the graph commands
are not working.

Previsously, with stata se 8.2, the program worked perfect.
In the mean time, I desinstall version 8.2 for version 9 and now 9.1 to gain
some space.

I went ahead and put a // in front of all my graph commands (kdensity, twoway,
graph...). The second problem I discover was that compared to my previous
results, stata 9.1 provides results with are differents in the decimal points
(for example, 42.84% of poverty rate and now 42.12%). I did not change anything
to the code except "cd" and "//".

What happens if a stata program is deeply modified (say, by updates through ssc
archives or by StataCorp)? Especially for reproductibility issues?

Best regards.


PS: I have connection problems. So apologies if this mail pops up twice.

Amadou DIALLO.
Poverty and Health Specialist
AFTPM, Africa Region.
The World Bank.
(202) 458 0288.

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