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RE: st: Questions about -rspread-

From   "Nick Cox" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   RE: st: Questions about -rspread-
Date   Thu, 19 May 2005 17:58:05 +0100

As already explained, the "Files" message 
is probably a side-effect of the way that 
-rspread- uses various files. It is not smart 
enough to handle filenames with 
embedded spaces that are allowed by your 
operating system. 

Nor could it be: -rspread- predates
the change in operating system rules that 
creates this problem. This problem is likely 
to be capricious insofar 
as it may depend on one or more of

1. which directory you are working in

2. where your datafiles are stored

3. where a -tempfile- command will create
a temporary file

none of which I can deduce at this distance. 

I am not absolutely sure precisely where 
the fault lies, but that is immaterial, 
as examination of -rspread- makes it evident 
that the program can and should be rewritten
without any file handling whatsoever. 

The third message is a consequence of the 
fact that -rspread- creates various variables 
and then tries to -drop- them before it 
finishes. If it falls over before it does that, 
that the variables will be left behind, which 
creates a problem on subsequent runs. 

I cannot explain your second report. 

As strongly hinted yesterday, at present you are
better off with -glcurve-. There is little point 
in your persisting with -rspread- in its 
present state.  

I cannot say when -rspread- will be re-released. 

[email protected] 

louis boakye-yiadom
> Richard, thanks for the reply. Actually, I have tried giving 
> the -rspread- 
> command again several times after reading your reply and the 
> results are 
> puzzling. I had the following for the first three attempts:
> 1st attempt: there was what looked like a correct output, but 
> with the error 
> message:
> invalid 'Files'
> r(198);
> 2nd attempt: worked fine
> 3rd attempt:
> mdmean already defined
> r(110);

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