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Re: st: re; kdens2

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Subject   Re: st: re; kdens2
Date   Mon, 9 May 2005 16:38:22 -0400

Thanks a lot,. Kit. It works like magic!!

You were right, I did not update my executables....

Best, B.

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Branko writes

woes with kdens2.ado

After downloading kdens2.ado function and when trying to run it on one
version (8.0) I get the following message:

. kdens2 lnx income
version 8.2 not supported

Then, when I tried running it on another Stata8 version I got the
(most puzzling) message:

  kdens2  lnx income
option xtitle() not allowed

I have already asked that question once before w/o getting an answer. I
that perhaps my version of Stata was "wrong". I tried to update it. I
still got
the same reply. any idea why i cannot run dens2.ado?

If Branko is still showing version 8.0, he has not updated his
executable, but has probably updated the ado-files to 8.2, which can
cause no end of grief. He should 'update query' and get everything up
to date, and then try "ssc install kdens2, replace" and rerunning

By the way, kdens2 works on Stata 9 (at least the examples in the help

Kit Baum, Boston College Economics

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