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st: New version of -lincomest- on SSC

From   Roger Newson <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: New version of -lincomest- on SSC
Date   Mon, 09 May 2005 21:27:09 +0100

Hello All

Thanks to Kit Baum, there is now a new version of -lincomest- downloadable from SSC. In Stata, use the -ssc- command to do this.

-lincomest- is described as below on my website. The new version is intended as the final Stata 7 version, and fixes a bug, which caused it to produce the wrong results specifically when invoked after -logistic-. (This bug was caused by the fact that -lincom- automatically uses the -or- option specifically when invoked after -logistic-, and this feature of -lincom- is documented in the small print on Page 271 of the Stata 8 manual under -[R] lincom-.) The new version can also be invoked after Stata 8 -svy- commands (if the -complete- option is specified for the -svy- command), and should also work if invoked after Stata 9 -svy- commands. (If anybody finds that it doesn't, then please let me know.)

I would like to thank Tim Wade for alerting me to the bug involving -logistic-, and Richard Williams for a lot of helpful hints about the invokation of -lincom- after Stata 8 -svy- commands.

Best wishes


package lincomest from

lincomest: Extension to lincom saving the combination as estimation results

lincomest is an extended version of lincom, which calculates confidence
intervals and P-values for linear combinations of model coefficients.
lincomest saves the estimate and variance of the linear combination as
estimation results, with the option of saving any existing estimation results
to be recalled by estimates unhold. The advantage of doing this is that the
linear combination can be input to parmest or parmby to create a data set
with one observation, containing a confidence interval and P-value for the
linear combination. This data set can be concatenated with other parmest
or parmby output data sets using dsconcat, and the confidence intervals
and/or P-values can then be plotted and/or tabulated.

Author: Roger Newson
Distribution-Date: 09may2005
Stata-Version: 7

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Roger Newson
Lecturer in Medical Statistics
Department of Public Health Sciences
Division of Asthma, Allergy and Lung Biology
King's College London

5th Floor, Capital House
42 Weston Street
London SE1 3QD
United Kingdom

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