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st: Postfile Question [Stata 8.2]

From   "Bryan W. Griffin" <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: Postfile Question [Stata 8.2]
Date   Fri, 06 May 2005 08:38:14 -0400

I'm using Stata 8.2.

I created a do file to re-estimate a model several times, and after each run I want estimates to be posted to the tempfile which I named model_1. I thought that by specifying "every(1)" in the "postfile" part of the command that estimates would be posted to model_1 after the model is estimated each time. Last night I go to bed after running this do file for 8 hours thinking that it was half complete, and this morning I find that the computer rebooted for some reason. The estimates from the models completed, however, were not in the file model_1 -- it was blank.

How do I get postfile to store estimates after each pass so I won't lose estimates again should the computer reboot? Commands used are listed below.

tempname abort
tempfile model_1

postfile `abort' quad_point ///
b0_cons b1_sex b2_option2 ///
se0_cons se1_sex se2_option2 ///
using "C:\sample file\model_1", every(1)

forvalues i = 29(-1)20 {

display `i'
gllamm resp sex option2 option3, i(id) fam(bin) link(logit) adapt nip(`i') allc

post `abort' (`i') ///
(_b[resp:_cons]) (_b[resp:sex]) (_b[resp:option2]) ///
(_se[resp:_cons]) (_se[sex]) (_se[option2])


postclose `abort'

Bryan W. Griffin
Curriculum, Foundations, & Reading
P.O. Box 8144
Georgia Southern University
Statesboro, GA 30460-8144

Phone: 912-681-0488
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