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st: -vclose- on SSC

From   "Nick Cox" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: -vclose- on SSC
Date   Fri, 6 May 2005 10:57:55 +0100

Thanks to Kit Baum, a -vclose- program has 
been added to SSC. -vclose- is a small convenience 
utility for closing viewer windows from the 
command line. Viewer windows most commonly, but 
not necessarily, show on-line help for some 
command or topic. 

An earlier version was posted 
on Statalist previously. This version is tweaked
slightly and naturally is now supplied with a help 

As I have used it, the most frequent application
is to just to close a bundle of viewer windows 
that I have inadvertently left open by a single 

. vclose 

although other syntaxes are indicated in the 

Stata 9 is required. The program is irrelevant 
to earlier versions of Stata, which do not 
support multiple viewers. 

Stata 9 users may install by 

. ssc inst vclose 

My guess is that StataCorp could make this 
particular hack almost instantly obsolete 
by one or two changes to the way that the
creation of viewers is handled. One, picking 
up an earlier thread started by Fred Wolfe, 
would be to allow a preference to be declared
that a new -help- command would _not_ open 
a new viewer window if one were previously 
open. If this were implemented, then -nonew- 
would be a personal default to be overridden
by a -new- option. Naturally there is a user 
hack for this, as I indicated in my reply 
to Fred Wolfe. 

Another would be a way within a viewer window 
to close all other viewers. 

[email protected]

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