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Re: st: Some Stata 9 issues

From   [email protected] (Alan Riley)
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: Some Stata 9 issues
Date   Mon, 02 May 2005 14:15:15 -0500

Fred Wolfe ([email protected]) asked a followup question
about bringing a Do-file Editor forward:
> Suppose that I have just reviewed results and I want to use the editor. 
> Your solution sets me to alt-tabbing, when the tab I want may be far down 
> the tab list (and easy to mistake). Stata 9 is very nice. It would be good 
> if there could be a key saving -tab saving solution.

Within a given Stata session, Ctrl-Tab may be used instead of Alt-Tab.
Alt-Tab switches the focus between all top-level windows open on the
system.  Ctrl-Tab switches the focus between only the windows within a
given Stata session.

If Fred has many windows open, this may still not be ideal.  Fred
could map a function key so that, when pressed, that function key
would execute a command which would always bring to the top the
Do-file Editor which was last on top.  This should be the Do-File
Editor with which Fred was most recently working.

If Fred defines the following (perhaps in his

   global F2 "window manage forward doeditor;"

Then pressing F2 will execute -window manage forward doeditor- which
will bring the topmost Do-file Editor in front of the main Stata
window and give it the focus.

([email protected])
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