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st: RE: percentage for each month plotted vs. month

From   "Nick Cox" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: RE: percentage for each month plotted vs. month
Date   Mon, 2 May 2005 15:37:52 +0100

I assume variables 

date: Stata daily date 
x: as defined below
adult: as defined below

You can get months by 

gen month = month(date) 

The percent of drug use would then be 

egen adult_x = mean(100 * (2 - x)) if adult == 1, by(month) 

egen child_x = mean(100 * (2 - x)) if adult == 2, by(month) 

The graph would be 

line *_x month 

To cycle over many months, 

foreach v of var x y z a b c d e f { 
	egen adult_`v' = mean(100 * (2 - `v')) if adult == 1, by(month) 
	egen child_`v = mean(100 * (2 - `v')) if adult == 2, by(month) 
	line *_`v' month, saving(`v') 

Note how binary coding 1 for use, 0 for no use, would lead 
to cleaner formulae. 

[email protected] 

[email protected]
> I have the following survey data of 1000 patients collected over 15 
> months: 
> Each observation contains the following variables: 
> X:  "1" for using drug x and "2" for not using drug x 
> DATE: Day and month patient was enrolled in study (variable 
> DATE as day 
> month year) 
> Adult: "1" yes "2" no 
> I would like to plot the percentage of patients who were 
> using drug x in a 
> given month  vs. month & year. So the axes would be Y: "percent of 
> patients using drug x in given month" and X axis: "month & year of 
> enrollment" 
> I cannot seem to figure out an easy way to do this.  It seems 
> that I have 
> to generate many variables to get a simple percentage of 
> patients who were 
> using drug x for that particular month and then to plot it. 
> Also, I would like to get more sophisticated as well: the 
> same graph as 
> above but have two lines on one graph; one line would 
> represent the data 
> for children and the other for adults. 
> Also, I'd like to generate many graphs using the do editor 
> (same as above 
> for other drugs).  When I try using the do editor this, I get 
> one graph 
> and then the next is shown and I get to save only the last.  
> Is there a 
> way I could run several graphs using the do editor and then 
> save them all 
> so that I could view them leisurely? 
> I have a copy of Mitchell's excellent book on STATA graphics 
> and still 
> can't figure this out!

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