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RE: st: Confidence limits on survival probabilities from stcox

From   "CDSC - Verlander, Neville" <>
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Subject   RE: st: Confidence limits on survival probabilities from stcox
Date   Wed, 2 Feb 2005 10:21:06 -0000

Dear stata users

Thank you to May for her helpful comments. In my example. I just have the
two categorical variables and chose to plot the survival curves for each
combination of levels of the two variables, thereby avoiding evaluating at
any means. I attempted to do the same thing in the - adjust for - option of
- stlist - (by putting each dummy variable in the - adjust for -) but it
didn't produce the same results. But given the opinion of the authors in the
book that May quotes that the "Confidence intervals and standard errors ..."
"can be quite inaccurate ...", it doesn't appear to be worth attempting to
extract the variance of the estimated cumulative hazard (if it is possible).

Many thanks again for the assistance.




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