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Re: st: Formatting results: regressions and tables

From   [email protected]
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Subject   Re: st: Formatting results: regressions and tables
Date   Fri, 22 Oct 2004 19:23:19 +0200

Stephen Jenkins wrote:

>I strongly recommend that users who want to produce formatted output
>from regression-type commands to check out Ben Jann's -estout- command,
>available from SSC.  It is very powerful, and useful for both TeX and
>Word users. (In my opinion, -estout- dominates -outreg- for these sorts
>of tasks.)  Users who may find these programs too complicated might also
>check out Stata's own -estimates table- command -- that is a very useful
>output formatter in itself and simple to use.

My two cents...

-estout- is indeed a really nice and useful programme. And it is indeed
I guess any useful output formating command ends up being so, since there
are so many features we may want to tune in creating a table. (I often find
other existing LaTeX-output commands not complex (i.e. flexible) enough to
be really useful.)

On several occasions, I found an alternative route useful which has not yet
been mentioned explicitly in this discussion, I think. First, open a
(temporary) smcl log file and use standard Stata commands to output the
table you want to export (e.g. with things like -estimates table-,
-tabdisp-, -table-, -tabulate-, etc.). Close the temporary log file. In a
second step, use -file- (and a variety of string functions) to process the
fragment of log-file created (that's only simple ASCII file processing) and
export the result as LaTeX code (or any other mark-up language such as
html). The whole process is obviously best packaged in a single programme.

I found this useful when (i) building up the table directly from the data
is cumbersome (think of -estimates table- or -tabdisp-), and (ii) the table
structure obtained is fairly close to what I eventually need.

Of course the second step (formatting) could also be done with other
scripting languages (e.g. AWK).


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